Grampian Groundcares' Stephen Wiltshire, who deals with all things to do with trees of all sizes and amounts, has built

an enviable reputation throughout Scotland on the ability to harvest clients’ tree crops in the most efficient and profitable

way possible. We also provide an extensive range of timber harvesting services from first and second year thinnings

to the harvesting of trees on the steepest of terrain.


No job too big or small...

Grampian Groundcare undertake clearfell operations of all shapes and sizes as there are very few limits to our operational capabilities.

Our cracking knowledge, expertise and big machinery provides us with the ability to fulfil customer demands, no matter how large they may be.

Boasting various machinery types, provides Grampian Groundcare with the ability to respond swiftly to sites where and when required.


Grampian Groundcare offer thinning services to our clients to concentrate the volume increase in a smaller number of trees, resulting in wider individual trees and a greater proportion of sawlog – the most valuable timber size class.

We have experienced operators within this aspect of forestry in order to meet our clients’ requirements, assisted by our monster machines thinning operations become far easier.


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