In addition to working with private woodland owners and managers, professional contractors, and along-side horse loggers, our service is perfectly suited to SSSI, PAWS & Ancient Woodland sites and wetlands, where conservation and protecting the environment are important factors.​

Professional Surgeons

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As skilled tree care professionals we understand the value and contribution trees and hedges make to our gardens and the landscape.

Without regular maintenance trees and hedges can sometimes become untidy, unhealthy and even hazardous.

Rest assured that all of our tree work is performed to the highest standard trees and hedges need to stay safe, healthy and looking good.

All of our tree work is carried out according to best practice guidelines and recommendations including British Standard BS 3998:2010.


Grampian Groundcare is a professional tree surgery company and can be relied upon to remove site

trees safely, to specification, within budget and on time.

Our clients include architects, construction companies, civil engineering firms, highways,

bulk excavation and demolition firms. We have the necessary experience, qualifications and equipment to ensure that tree and vegetation clearance is carried out to the highest standards.

We adhere to all relevant Health & Safety regulations within our field, and all our site personnel hold a relevant CSCS card.

We currently hold up to £10million insurance.


Our most common operations include:

  • Crown cleaning

  • Crown thinning

  • Crown reduction & shaping

  • Crown lifting

  • Pollarding

  • Removing epicormic growth ivy & deadwood.


We also fell, dismantle and remove trees completely, and grind out or poison stumps as required.

We also offer an excellent all year round tree and hedge planting service.

Rest assured we are always happy to assist our customers and tailor our service where we can - however small or large the project.